About Me

Dr. Shade Farri, MD.

Child Lung, Asthma, Pulmonary Specialist; CLAPS MD

I ‘m a board-certified pediatric pulmonologist and I help parents of children with chronic respiratory symptoms get answers and create a plan, so every child can breathe easier, be more active and thrive!

Professional Excellence

I bring my experience in process improvement, program implementation, as well as in leading collaborations to build systems that deliver high quality health outcomes to the most underserved and vulnerable.

Personalized and Comprehensive Care

Evidenced-based care with you as a part of your child's care team. A real relationship with a physician that cares about you.

Satisfaction Rate

Dr Farri's patients' are served with utmost care and expertise and are given the best possible treatment for their respiratory and pulmonary problems.


What My Families Say

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